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PR Department

Ing. Mgr. et Mgr. Karla Mráčková

Head of the Security Department

Ing. Jan Borák, Ph.D.

Registration of the positive RT-PCR test

Tracking of contacts of the positively tested on COVID-19

Halls of Residence and Refectory

Ing. Mgr. Jiří Macoun

Coordinator of outgoing students

Head of the International Relations Office

Ing. Mikuláš Josek, Ph.D.

Incomming Erasmus and Exchange students

Coordinator of outgoing students

Coordinator of outgoing students

International Relations Office of the Faculties


Ing. Jana Sluková


Ing. Jan Hučko, Ph.D.


Ing. Jitka Kloučková


Ing. Monika Divišová


Mgr. Jitka Rendlová


Ing. Kateřina Navrátilová


Ing. Jana Hummelová ,Ph.D.


Ing. Barbora Jordánová
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